Meister Eckhart on images

“An image, and the thing of which it is an image, are not separate; they are not two substances…An image is strictly an emanation….A thing’s image grows out of itself and grows upon itself.

Meister Eckhart ? Quoted in Eco, Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages…p. 113

Meister Eckhart on Simplicity

“So I say that the aristocrat is one who derives his being, his life, and his happiness from God alone, with God and in God and not at all from his knowledge, perception, or love of God, or any such thing….This much is certain: when a man is happy, happy to the core and root of beatitude, he is no longer conscious of himself or anything else. He is conscious only of God…To be conscious of knowing God is to know about God and self. As I have just been explaining, the agent of the soul which enables one to see is one thing and the agent by which one knows that he sees is another.”

Meister Eckhart: 20th sign of genuine seers: “…they will let him prevail…”

If you would know and recognize the really sane and genuine seers of God, whom nothing can deceive or misinform, four and twenty signs can detect them…

The twentieth sign: if any man fight them, they will let him prevail before accepting help of any sort but God’s…
These are the signs of the true ground wherein lives the image of the perfect truth and he who does not find them in himself may account his knowledge vain and so may other people.

Eckhart: “…one man whose mind is free from notions and from forms…”

“According to one master, many people arrive at specific understanding, at formal, notional knowledge. There are few who get beyond the science and the theory; yet one man whose mind is free from notions and from forms is more dear to God than the hundred thousand who have the habit of discursive, roving reason. God cannot enter in and do his work in them owing to the restlessness of their imagination. If they were free from pictures they could be caught and carried up beyond all rational concepts. As St. Dionysius says, and also have the super-rational light of faith at its starting point, where God finds his rest and peace to dwell and work in as he will and when he will and what he will. God is unhindered in his work in these so he can do in them his most precious work of all, working them up in faith into himself. These people no one can make out; their life is an enigma, and their ways, to all that do not live the same. To this truth and to this blessed life, to this high and perfect consummation no on can attain except in abstract knowledge and pure understanding.

Many a lofty intellect, angels not excepting (for in life and nature an angel is nothing but pure mind), has erred and lapsed eternally from the eternal truth. This may happen also to those who, like the angels, preserve their idiosyncrasy and find satisfaction in the exercise of their own intelligence.”

Meister Eckhart: “God is…innocent and free…”

“God does not seek his own. In all his acts, he is innocent and free and acts only out of true love. That is why the person who is united to God acts that way–he, too, will be innocent and free, whatever he does, and will act out of love and without asking why, solely for the glory of God, seeking his own advantage in nothing–for God is at work in him.”