3 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Hypostases: there must be three,
Since dyads, lacking we, must always come undone.
There must be three, for each enactment of the joy
Must be in turn rejoiced (or what’s it for?)
And joy itself must be itself adored
As slowly as omnipotence allows,
by gestures of high court,
but all competing for the helpmeet role.

There must be one, each living in the seamless ground
For there is nothing each would claim to own
And yet, when all is done, there’s nothing lost
Since they knew nevertime when ought.

Yet these are simply structures of our thought.
Which is to say, the three and one are closer than myself.

So now, about your three-or-one: I simply
See no reason to replace a thought with thought
When both seem dear. I’ll have my cake
And eat it too, or what’s it for?

Good morning: sit, and bring your friend.
Or what’s our table for?

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