David Bentley Hart: “…things we know before we can speak them…”

I start from the conviction that many

of the most important things we know are things we know before

we can speak them; indeed, we know them though with very

little in the way of concepts to make them intelligible to useven

as children, and see them with the greatest immediacy when we

look at them with the eyes of innocence. But, as they are hard to

say, and as they are often so immediate to us that we cannot stand

back from them objectively, we tend to put them out of mind as

we grow older, and make ourselves oblivious to them, and try to

silence the voice of knowledge that speaks within our own experiences of the world. Wisdom is the recovery of innocence at the fat

end of experience; it is the ability to see again what most of us

have forgotten how to see, but now fortified by the ability to

translate some of that vision into words, however inadequate.

There is a point, that is to say, where reason and revelation are one

and the same.

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