Risen, Indeed: An Easter Responsive Reading

An Easter Responsive Reading.

R = Reader
C = Congregation

R: They laid him where?
C:  Not here, come look.
R:  But have you seen the Lord?
C:  Yes, we have seen the Lord.
R:  Is He alive?
C:  He walked the road with us.
R:  But did He speak?
C:  He spoke and burned our hearts.
R:  But did He stay with you?
C:  And ate with us till dusk.
R:  But did you touch His wounds?
C:  O you of tiny faith.
R:  I need to see.
C:  Why stand you gazing up?
R:  He comes again?
C:  He comes just like He left.
R:  But what till then?
C:  He breathes in us His Breath.
R:  Who is this King within?
C:  Jesus, King.
R:  He is the King of Glory?
C:  Jesus, Lord.
R:  O sea, give up your dead!
C:  O hell, your gates are split.
R:  O grave, where is your sting?
C:  No sting.
R:  O death, where is your win?
C: No death.
R:  No death?
C:  The dead in Christ rise first; they sleep.
R:  Ah, yes.  But who will wake them up?
C:  “Lazarus, come forth!”
R:  That voice! It is the Lord!
C: “Little girl, wake up.”
R:  But what if I should sleep?
C: “My sheep will hear my voice.”
R:  But what of me?
C: “Do you love Me?”
R:  I love You more than life.
C: “Then feed my sheep.”
R:  I will.
C:  We will.

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