My Resumé

I’ve talked of poetry beneath the summer stars.
I had a Form to take my pen.

I heard the Holy Ghost correct my spelling,
and I heard Him recommend Dante.

I have known the operation of the Blood of Christ
in conversation, at the kitchen table
and I saw the sword protruding from the preacher’s mouth.

I’ve painted July suns in cerulean streams:
the colors all were water;
the brush, Kolinsky sable;
the paper, pressed by hand.

I smiled some simple smiles with noble women,
and a noble man, and children.

I have managed, on occasion, to live only by the mercy of a brother.

I’ve failed abjectly, and began again. And failed again. Began again.

I have a talent; I can clarify your thoughts.
I can confess my faults, and will append that list on your request.

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