The content of the word “God” and the content of a word like “singularity” are nearly the same. They are close enough to be functional synonyms.

The differences are due to different levels of exegesis. The God adherents have spent more time reasoning about their concept, so there is more articulated content on the books. The “singularity” adherents have an aversion to sounding mystical or using the word “person”, so they stop the conversation sooner and go to dinner.

The content of both is “everything that exists”. Let’s denote this as x. It’s easier to type.

Now before you call me a pantheist, let’s acknowledge together that self-awareness is part of the data set of existence. So it’s not possible, except through studied self-hypnosis, to avoid thinking of x as a person. Person.

I know there are big objections to talking about God as “everything that exists”. But I think those arguments are largely semantic; we believe that everything has originated in God, so we must believe that what originated in Him is still in Him. And, if you are a theist, you can’t conceive of anything that  did not originate in Him, so you can’t conceive of anything that is not in Him.  In some sense.

Similarly, everything that exists comes from the singularity. If you are aware of something that is not from it, then you don’t have a meaningful singularity.

I realize that if you are not a theist you don’t attribute to the origin anything like self-awareness, so you object to the word “person”, or “personal”. But let’s just note that whatever you mean by the word “person”, it comes out of whatever you mean by a word like “singularity”.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you think this is projection. If you do, if you think only persons are self-aware but the singularity is not (how would you know?), you are positing that some quality, feature, pattern, or other word of your choosing exists in the data set you call “me” but did not come from the singularity. I’ll leave you with that for now; I’m sure you can overcome it by assertion or mockery.

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