The Populist Illusion

Someone wrote on a political blog: “Go vote and vote your interests. It’s the only democratic antidote to greed, hate and ignorance.”

This is, of course, faith-based political science, without a shred of tangible proof. Lots and lots of people vote their interests — they vote to get free money from other people. Voting your interest is the very definition of the crisis of the Western democracies.

That the recent recession was created by a few rich greedy financiers, and the common people would prevent such silliness if they were only watching, requires great mental effort to keep believing. Never search for a secret conspiracy of wall-street wolverines when obvious culprits are milling about. In simple fact, a large number of common people borrowed money they could not repay, at variable rates. Lenders were insulated from the risk because they could pass it on to the government. Ergo, the bubble was a government-facilitated bubble.

These are the same common people who vote yes for every social benefit, and no for every tax. American entitlements are nothing other than a bubble. A bubble inevitably forms when two things coincide: personal gain, and collectivized risk. A synonym for this pathology is: voting your interest.

There is an assumption floating around that the poor are poor because of the economic system of Western capitalism. But the West is seeing a brand new thing: the obese “poor”. This is a sign, not of oppression, but of utter success. Many people want to be full today, without a penny for tomorrow, and they succeed. Some people are indeed poor because of bad luck. Some are poor because they have chosen avocations. But lots of poor people are poor because they are incapable of delaying their gratification. The biblical poor are becoming rare in America.


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