On finishing the Mataxas Bonhoeffer Biography

The Nazis hung him this time, again, just like the first time I read his story. I was so-o-o longing for a different end. Two weeks before Hitler killed himself, three weeks before the end of the war, that paperhanger SOB had to have all remaining conspirators hung in spite, even though his fate was long decided.
When I think of the word “integrity” I see Bonhoeffer’s picture. It’s not a picture of stubbornness but more a calm dead center reckoning on God’s personal word.

I hate the jibberjawing about his “decision” to join the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler. This is the sort of abstract ethical hand-wringing that he put behind him in his Ethics…abstract for us, but not for him. At this historical distance, at our leisure, it seems frivolous to accuse him. Being a Christian in Nazi Germany was so much at the extreme of ethical conflict that you’d have to have been there for me to listen to your criticism of Bonhoeffer.
I’m much more a pacifist than he wanted to be, but even I would have pulled the trigger on Hitler’s bemouthed revolver, myself.

One thought on “On finishing the Mataxas Bonhoeffer Biography

  1. Hey, just stumbled across this blog after Google directed me to an old article from 2004 on rene girard. I’ve slowly been learning bits and pieces of bohnhoeffer too in recent months. It’s nice to come across some discussion on that subject, and pacifism here too.

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