Matthew 13: Divine unDesign

Jesus says the kingdom is like a field where the farmer planted grain, but his enemies planted weeds.  When the busybody farm hands asked to uproot the weeds, the farmer said “no, you’ll just kill the crop.”   The field is the world.

So Jesus is telling us, again, that God intentionally lets the world appear un-designed. You want design?  It is called Judgement Day, and trust me, you don’t want it.

Despite the fact Jesus says this over and over, we evangelicals are fixated on finding evidence for God’s plans in the affairs of men.   We feel the need to prove to the unbelievers that God is at work in the moral universe.

He is at work, but His work is — stay in Matthew 13 with me — His work is the tiny, tiny mustard seed of the good news in your heart.   In some way we can’t see, Jesus says, it will bring good fruit.   But when you look at the whole field, it looks like chaos.   Yes, he says, that is the unDesign of love.

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