Gender in the Workspace

I’m generalizing.

Managers need to understand that women need more physical space than men do.  Especially for jobs that do not anchor the worker to one spot on the floor, but require her to move about.

It’s the invisible bubble of personal space we’re talking about, of course.   I’m not saying the female bubble is bigger — rather, the membrane around the female bubble is much less permeable.   Women don’t tolerate other people in their space as much as men.   I should say, men don’t care as much.

But it isn’t that.   It’s the reflection of that;  women hate to get in other people’s space.   This actually troubles them as much as the converse.   Hence, the constant apologies and kow-towing (sorry, ladies, this is how it looks from the male perspective.)

You men….haven’t you been puzzled by walking down a hall at work, and a female co-worker steps aside with an “I’m sorry” which actually slightly irritated you, because you wouldn’t have been bothered if she had just blown past you?

That’s the difference I’m talking about.  (Women also tend to concede at 4 way stop intersections.)

Whether we oppress this onto them or they come out of the womb like this is not my concern.  It’s just a practical observation:

Male managers who have the responsibility for a floorplan need to check it with females in a mock-up of the actual space before you ok the plan.   Especially if the architect is male.

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