Analyzing An Untimely Death

Natural forces act randomly.  God stopped controlling the natural world at the moment Eve ate the pomegranate, in deference to her free choice.

There is some cold logic routinely ignored by those who are mad at God or who use atrocities to argue He does not exist:   If you truly believe that God exists, you must believe some sort of afterlife exists.    If some sort of afterlife exists, you must factor in the condition of the “dead” soul in the afterlife in order to determine whether or not an untimely death was indeed a bad thing.

So, if it is true that to be in the presence of God is unthinkable bliss (as most religions assert) then, in order to be logical about it,  you need to know the viewpoint of the now dead baby.  Presumably, most dead who enjoy a good fate would not have avoided their death knwoing what they now know;  those who suffer damnation would want to delay it one more minute.

I realize this logic is no comfort to one who grieves;  my only point is that you cannot simultaneously believe in “God” AND think it bad that somebody died early.

Either be an athiest or have faith in His justice.   The middle ground is the real vapidity.


The alternative to bullying is waiting, which looks alot like absence.  The whole point to history is that He possesses the ability to bully, but does not.  He waits for your love.

God is absent, so people complain that He doesn’t stop disasters.  But then they also complain that He is a bully. I imagine HE talks to Himself:  “So do they want me around, or not?”

I think He is the most vulnerable of all, and most days can’t win.

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