The growing precision of the hacks

Assume you are a conservative political operative…it’s this simple:   start at the extreme right wing (however you define it) and proceed leftward till you get to 50.00009% of the electorate.  Stop.  Go no further, because you will give up on your right flank what you gain on your left.  Look back. The ground you just covered is your platform.   Campaign on it.  If you win,  govern as far right as you can get away with.


The Democrats are doing exactly the same thing, coming from the opposite direction.

The changes in the politics of the country are of 2 distinct types:

1. Real changes in opinions, which are driven by economic, religious, cultural forces, and

2. The change coming from the increased precision in the ability of the political professional to MEASURE the 50.00009% point. This technological advance is the real reason the two major parties are splitting the country down the middle more exactly than ever before.

The 50 – 50 split has been their goal forever.

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