Occam’s Razor: the data set decides the game

That explanation of the universe which best explains all the DATA using the least number of entities is the one to be preferred. Most atheists simply do not believe an extra entity, called “god”, is necessary to explain the DATA. What changes for some of them as they near death is not that they perceive something new they never perceived before — no, they simply allow into the DATA SET perceptions they previously DID NOT INCLUDE IN THE DATA SET.

If mankind universally wishes for eternity, and dogs (presumably) do not, then that wish is, in itself, data which any proposed cosmology must account for. It not only is data — it is critical data, since it is among the things that distinguish the species from other species.

How much explanatory power does an explanation hold if it systematically ignores more data the more complex the organism? This is a sign it is false.

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