It is amazing to me that so-called sophisitcated thinkers can even form the concept of a “minimal” god.  What does that even mean?  What is a “minimal” person?  Does that mean we think we need a god to get it all moving but let’s not let him be anything but a cosmic retard?  Do these people not realize that once you open the door to a god of any type you have conceded that you must look for his own self-definition?  That you no longer have any defense from the threat posed to reason by the concept of revelation?  That what you must next do, logically, is sort among all the claims of competing revelations for the one that most answers the questions implied by the human experience?

A “minimal” god? Don’t insult yourself. He either made, knows, and loves us or he is not. And if he loves us he entered our flesh, was crucified under Pontias Pilate, amd rose again on the third day.

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