Against decency laws

If a good motive is the test,  any government program whatsoever can be justified. An appeal to motive is always the sign of a weak argument.  The meddlers always say we need to enact their agenda “for the children”.

The question to be answered is:  do we want the federal government to have the powers to “clean up society”?   I don’t, because the power, once granted, cannot be un-granted, and the next person who wields the power may consider religion the opiate of the people.   The historian Paul Johnson says it:  “The power to do good is the power to do evil.”

So when I say the power to eradicate “pornography” is the power to eradicate religion,    this is a statement of historical fact,   not an opinion about the value of pornography.  Of course it is filth,  and of course it was not on the public airwaves in the good old days.  There was more of a Christian consensus in this country then, and the legal and regulatory environment reflected that consensus.  That consensus is gone, consciences have disappeared, social controls have eroded due to a reversal in the ratio of moral to amoral citizens, the floodgate is open, and the legal and regulatory environment now reflect the fact that the American people now WANT to live in a pornographic society.   To imagine that there is a silent population out there in Mayberry which has had a flood of filth foisted on them by a few Hollywood moguls is to live in a fantasy world.  Porno is being consumed in huge quantities by the American middle class out there in the heartland.   Fact.

You cannot legislate your way back to the 1950’s.  The people have changed.  That doesn’t make it right, that is simply a fact.  I don’t like that change, but I am unwilling to create more laws to give the government more power when the problem is simply a degradation of morals due to the loss of belief in God.

Like it or not, you have a de facto atheistic state now.   They tend to go rabid.  You’d best try and weaken it.

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