Hollywood’s artistic problem

There is no plot without a protagonist, and the protagonist is not interesting unless he is a hero. He cannot be a hero if he is not good.

Hollywood long ago rejected the idea of objective moral law, and severed its own artistic nerve when it did so.

The corpse twitched awhile and so moguls thought it lived.

The expose of normalcy is a favorite device of wretched Hollywood types who’ve only ever known dysfunctional homes. So they can’t stand the thought that somewhere, somebody is normal.   They love to paint a picture of the heartland and then expose the seamy underside – “see, we’re all seamy.”

But the truth is, many, many people really did have a “Norman Rockwell” childhood. There really are loving families on quiet streets where the fireflies sparkle in the July twilight.   These streets just do not produce screenwriters.

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