We Know the Garden In the Act Of Drawing It

The proper object of our knowledge is the Creator.  He made it all, including my organ of knowing, and this “all” that He made is the Garden.   The entire world we know is the Garden, seen from from far away, in exile.

We observe the world via reason but we do not know it, because reason is observing from an objective distance, a spatial point where any other reason can stand and repeat the same observation.   This detached, repeatable observation we call science.  It is the spectatorship of exile.   It yields useful information, through which we master and improve the world.

By definition, science excludes all cognition that others cannot share.  So if I hold my position always on this detached, objective vantage point which allows my reason to see, I cannot have unique knowledge.   I can

Full knowledge is participatory love.   Our knowledge of God is through the agency of love, but is often called “mysticism” when it impinges the cognition.   Our knowledge of The Garden is in the artistic act, which is simply an exercise of loving the warm light as it kisses the molecules.   Knowledge is useful, but the the lover is indifferent to its usefulness.

So knowledge is interpenetration; it is cognition of the inner essences of created things.   Michelangelo saw the inner essence of the stone when he released the angel from the prison of extraneous marble.

So, art is a mode of friendship.

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