Conversation: Sweetness Moves Toward Liturgy

Conversation in new truth takes on formal voices.   The room feels hushed.
Formality, you see, is not the mode of distance, but of precious.   It is the courtliness of the lord and the lady on the hidden stairs. Formality is real when the gestures are stylized and the eyes are moist.

“Liturgist”. To some, this is a scholar of history and forms of worship. To others, it is the chief musician for a church, or even a charismatic office embracing prayer, song, dance, and other arts on a Christian podium.

But these are ghostly remnants of the office. “Liturgist” is an enactor of conversation with God. It is a term for the person in whom speech easily embodies, in whom the body is no longer asleep but listens and talks as the ears and mouth listen and talk. “Liturgy”, historically, is the word for the entire body of descriptions of these moments, described after the fact, at non-liturgical moments when enough half-lives of glory have died so that the analytical faculty has aroused. THE liturgy – the dance of Trinitarian Lord with created bride – cannot be described.

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