Conversation: Nothing in Your Heart Matters

Say something about what I said.   Anything, as long as what you say is not about your own thoughts or feelings.   Instead, add the next sentence to my sentence.  About a thing or subject.  Take the attitude that nothing in your heart is important.

There is a certain type of person who talks incessantly about her own feelings and thoughts.   These souls clutch at every interior movement in a desperate need to be real, to try to talk significance into the inner life.

For now, this is where you are.  Clouded from seeing the spiritual universe by your own busy and important heart.   There’ll be a time, later, for you to speak each and every slight interior ripple, but now you must talk about subjects, about things that are out there in the universe.   Don’t tell me how you feel about the Christmas decorations.  Describe the decorations.

To you, right now, this feels like interior coldness.   The coldness will go away eventually, as the objects and subjects out there begin to glow like a forest full of enchanted trees.  But accept the cold for now.

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