Conversation Is Always Sweet

Conversation tends to the unbearably  Sweet.

Do you notice how, when you remember our conversation now,  it feels sweet?  Your heart aches to talk again.   It is like the feeling of being in love.   But, unlike infatuations, it need never go away.   

Don’t spend the sweetness on yourselves.   The friends will tend to —  consciously or unknowingly — spend the sweetness as internal comfort.  Or they can re-invest the sweetness in the talk.   As they re-invest the sweetness in the talk they evoke the participation of the Holy Spirit.

I’m trying to grasp the “how” of this reinvestment…I don’t yet have the words.   But I know that when the Holy Spirit enters a conversation,  there often is a moment of confusion between the two friends.  If they do well, they name the third voice and then He is there.  If  they do not sort out His voice quickly, their talk will fall apart and they’ll end up hoping for His return. 

The Presence of the Holy Spirit in a conversation is not the same as His witness in the spirit, or His leading, or comforting, or any of His other operations. All his operations are bright and clear and distinct in their character as well as in their content.

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