Conversation Is A Particular Structure In Talking


“Conversation” is not a subjective term. It has as precise a meaning as “tree” or “rock”. In a conversation, each pericope advances upon the last.

What most people call “conversation” is not. Most verbal encounters are just serial monologues, and the connection between the monologues is the flimsiest association, often just a verbal echo. These are non-events.The first person says something about her children and the second person remembers something similar about his children. And so it goes. The talk neither progresses nor finds any new truth. This superficial talk is fine for the polite chatter and information processing that we all have to do to get through a day with casual or business acquaintances…but the talk that most of us spend our days on is not this word “conversation”.  A  conversation is a beautiful and rare event.

Most people live their lives without one.

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