Here is how it works: I’ll say something, and you say something back, and our hearts are fixed on caring for each other.   Upon this ground we will hear God join our talk.

There really isn’t much more to know than this.   Though I’m glad to tell you what I’ve learned about how friends talk – I call it Conversation – these are just observations.   We don’t need to complicate.   I’ll say something because I care about you, you say something because you care that I said something, and then we just follow the rhythm of the talk itself.   We’ll feel a pulling, guiding presence embedded in the words themselves.  As the Conversation goes on, we’ll be more and more conscious of that we are mere conduits of the talk.

We don’t need a spiritual topic.   We don’t need to talk about God, Jesus, or the Bible.   All the words in the objective universe hide a homing instinct toward God, and will pull toward home of their own volition.  We feel this.

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