Conversation: All That is in Your Heart Matters

Say something, say anything. Which means nothing in your heart is unimportant. Yes, you are right. There was a time when nothing in your heart was important. Now, it is the opposite.

After we’ve been talking for some months you’ll see that the slightest twinge in your heart – the slightest flicker of a feeling, the slightest shadow of a thought – these are huge events trying to enter the Conversation.

When anxieties and straining are gone, talking becomes almost a spectator activity. You observe your own heart and out into words what passes across it, and like artists of all types, you are often surprised at what it creates.

Some personality types struggle to accept that what is in the heart is not as important as what is in the universe. You’ve passed that now.

There is another person who must learn to believe that every movement of his heart is a spiritual event. This is the soul who learned over long years or in childhood to suppress his heart, either for survival through trauma or in deference to a strong analytical intellect, or sometimes the general din of the chatter of his life has left him deaf to hear his own heart. This soul also does not know how or what the heart means. To honor his own interior flickers is always difficult because it feels to this soul like purposeful hallucination. It seems too good to be true.

You’ll have to trust me. The signs of the Kingdom are always too good to be true. All that is in your heart matters.

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