Raymond Chandler: “…all this fairy gold…”

No doubt I have learned a lot from Hollywood. Please do not think I
completely despise it, because I don’t. The best proof of that may be
that every producer I have worked for I would work for again, and every
one of them, in spite of my tantrums, would be glad to have me. But the
overall picture, as the boys say, is of a degraded community whose
idealism even is largely fake. The pretentiousness, the bogus
enthusiasm, the constant drinking and drabbing, the incessant
squabbling over money, the all-pervasive agent, the strutting of the
big shots (and their usually utter incompetence to achieve anything
they start out to do), the constant fear of losing all this fairy gold
and being the nothing they have really never ceased to be, the snide
tricks, the whole damn mess is out of this world. It is a great subject
for a novel — probably the greatest still untouched. But how to do it
with a level mind, that’s the thing that baffles me. It is like one of
these South American palace revolutions conducted by officers in comic
opera uniforms — only when the thing is over the ragged dead men lie in
rows against the wall, and you suddenly know that this is not funny,
this is a Roman circus, and damn near the end of civilization.

(source unknown)

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