What discernment ministries and Lenin have in common

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…many Christians can excuse anything if they believe there is a doctrinal battle to be won in the process.

Michael is right, as usual. Remember that every True Believer in a cause adopts some form of end justifying the means — in practice, even if they are repulsed by ethical relativism in theory. Because their Cause is more important than all else, and they have felt the Call and subsumed all humanity in it, they must MUST win the argument, or their existence has no meaning.

Contrast this with the actual Christian prototype of the True Believer, St. Paul. Passionate and willing to fight, sure, but concerned above all in his letters with winning the hearts of his people, and not just with winning arguments with them. Think Corinthians. He is willing, in his terminology, to seem a fool in order to stay in the relationship with them. It is easy to feel the passion of Paul’s means and not notice what he defined as the successful end, which was to “win them all”.

The Christian blogowarriors aren’t trying to win any relationship with any actual breathing person. They are trying to win the intellectual contest according to that constant mental judge who sits over their shoulder and keeps score — that internal mapmaker, diagram checker, captain of their flag.  That cold, cold father.

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