Freedom to cuss like an adult

From this post on Josh’s blog, (which I recommend) —

Cruising Down the Coast of the High Barbaree: A Major Argument Against God

I found my way to this blog —

“Stupid Church People”

from which I draw the conclusion that lots of kids who grow up in the church leave the church because they never got to cuss and they need to use the “f” word.  Ok, we get it, you hate church people and you feel so FREE and everything since you decided to say “effin” every 5 seconds and not worry that Dad would smack you.

2 thoughts on “Freedom to cuss like an adult

  1. Hey Tim…. Steve here from Stupid Church People. For the record, it’s Josh (my friend over on SCP) that says the “F” word every five seconds. I reserve it’s use for very special occasions. 🙂

    So you know, I was using the F word while attending church and it’s not the reason I left. Your conclusion is in error.

    Also in error is the conclusion that I hate church people. I disdain stupid church people, and if you read my comments at Josh’s site, you will see there are some church people (namely my best friend and several others) that I highly respect.

    So this a cute little post, but it lacks any substantive content. You might want to read this classic post (as well as the comments) on why the “F” word is perfectly logical for Christians and non-Christians alike…particular since outward expressions are not a measure of a person’s heart.

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for dropping by and caring enough to comment. Particularly important is your point that I was overly broad to suggest you hated (all) church people.

    I guess we’ll just have to disagree about all the rest.

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