excerpt: The Derriere Guard

Stefania de Kenessey — The Derriere Guard

Until the opening of the twentieth century, Western music had offered, at its best, a perfect blend of emotion and intellect, with the heart and the mind governing and assisting each other. With the onset of modernism, that balance was jettisoned in favor of a carefully calculated rationalism. Can beauty, after all, be proven to exist, with absolute certainty, beyond the shadow of a doubt? The answer of our age, sadly, has been (in the arts as in philosophy) that we cannot know beauty to exist, ergo, beauty does not, in fact, exist. The pure rationalism that provided the background for the spectacular success of all the sciences from astronomy to medicine became the undoing of the arts. Because the arts are the traditional repositories of values that may be ultimately ungraspable, but without which human life is also unimaginable: beauty, truth and love.

(bold mine)

The central logical error of modern man, in all areas of thought, is to arbitrarily reduce the data set by the criterion of certainty.  The function of that criterion is nothing other than intellectual ease.  We declare that what is not repeatable in controlled environments does not, therefore, exist.  The reason we so declare is that we prefer to work in controlled experiments.  We find it more convenient.

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