Peter Leithart: Modesty – the Awareness that Knowledge has a Time. | Liturgical Thinking

The destruction of time meant the destruction of shame and modesty: “Shame is the soul’s garment against arbitrary and untimely knowledge: because timing is the condition in which alone the eternal may be revealed.” It takes time for a bride to know her lover, and modesty is the veil over that permits this time to occur; there is a time lag between convictions we come to and the proper time to speak, and shame is the cover for words that are not yet ready to be spoken. The Counter-Reformation again, eh claims, hardened and sterilized shame and modest: “If shame is not the expression of growth, it turns into a loveless, asocial, hard and fast thing.” But life requires being gazed upon by loving faces, since “God’s countenance cannot fasten on us unless His delegates, loving faces, are recognized as gateways to His face.”

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