Evil Happens. The First Person To Make Sense Of It Wins.

Faith and Theology: Ten propositions on theodicy

The amount of nonsense I heard from Christian pulpits after the tsunami was amazing — even after I thought, decades ago, I had stopped being amazed by stupidity in the pulpit. Here is a good discussion of “the problem of evil” if you need to spend 15 minutes thinking about it yet again. And, if you have friends whom you are asking to believe God exists and He is Jesus, you do need to think about it — once. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the comments section.

If you read this and think ” my, my, these Christians certainly struggle with this “evil” thing” then remember that the only real alternative to theism, scientific materialism, basically says that Naziism happens because the sun exists.  If you find THAT explanation more satisfying than us Christians struggling with it, your vocation lies in working with your hands and not in thinking.

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