Douglas Wilson: “Come”


It is our custom, one that we believe to be scriptural, to practice insistent communion. That is, if you are here, and if you are baptized in the triune Name, then you must come. We insist. The Spirit and the Church together say come.

We are not seeking to protect the Table from sinners. The teaching of Scripture is that sinners need to be protected from the Table. And the only safe way to be protected is to come to it humbly.

You may say that you are not walking with God as you should be, and so perhaps you should stay away. No, you may not stay away. You have no permission from God to stay away, and unless you were excommunicated scripturally, you have no blessing from Christ’s ministry to refrain. This is your life—you are a covenant child. But isn’t sin inconsistent with coming? Yes, it is, but the point is to drop the sin, leave it there on the ground, and come. But will it not be a defilement if you come without repentance? Yes, it will be. But it is another kind of defilement to stay away without repentance. As a covenant child, you are called to repent of the sin, and not to repent of your covenant meal.

You belong here. A place at this Table was purchased for you through the blood of Jesus Christ. He invites you to come and eat, come and drink. Come. We insist.

The Spirit and the Bride say “Come”.