On Touching Nerves That Supposedly Don’t Exist

Why ought monkeys acknowledge they are monkeys? « Once More With Feeling

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other reaction from an atheist (bear in mind my experience is limited) who ever responded to the quesiton, no matter how gently put, of an objective basis for ethical judgments, without getting angry.

This is empirically true. But, it is oddly understandable, since it’s function is to avoid mental trauma. When you get angry at the very posing of a question, it means you don’t want your own mind to overhear yourself discussing it.  This arises from the same sentiment that impels adults to protect children from hearing about atrocities or sex before their maturity.

The oddness in this case is that the protecting adult and the oblivious child live in the same mind.  The child is the materialist part, who enjoys his fairy tale and doesn’t really want a parent.  Just slide supper under the door and leave him alone.