Cassandra (Villanous Company): on marriage

Villainous Company

The single most important thing any man or woman brings to a marriage is the belief that the marriage comes first: before the children, before their career, before friends, parents, or any other relationship. If you put your marriage first, it will survive.

Simple and true. Beware those who write books trying to figure out what your grandmother could have told you over breakfast biscuits. Marriages fail because they are not important. In other words, when men and women utter vows (there are still vows, aren’t there?) to cherish each other before all else, 50% of them either can’t comprehend their own language, or they are lying.

“We grew apart.” Oh really? Well, you promised you wouldn’t. Especially if you have children, you have a responsibility not to grow apart.  If you wake up one day and discover your life is somehow growing an appendage that is threatening the unity of your marriage, CHOP IT OFF.

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