Meaning and Happiness (outline)

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Many live in meaninglessness their whole lives but are quite happy.

The church lost power in its proclamation when it bought into the confusions between psychology and spirituality. One of those confusions travels with the word “happiness”. Psychological “happiness” is not the same as spiritual meaninglessness. How insipid and insulting the preachers of the church have become: “…but if you don’t know Jesus you aren’t really happy.” What does that mean? Is this some new Christian freudianism , whereby we will tell you what you are really thinking or feeling even though you don’t know it yourself, but we do? This insults both parties to the dialogue.

Not to mention that the christians who like to say this don’t appear to be any happier than anyone else, and many unbelievers appear quite happy. So the new gnosticism of the christian church comes full circle: we are happy, you are not, and all evidence otherwise is an illusion of the world of appearances. Reality is known only to the gnostikoi.


There is more of a concern in the Bible with temporal eternity than with spatial infinity. In fact, there is no concept of spatial infinity in the Bible, just an infinity of personal reach: no task too difficult for God.

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