Modesty of Speech

On Sex Talk and the Immodesty Of Our Age  [ONLY AN OUTLINE RIGHT NOW]


Children from evangelical homes are still getting the impression their parents think sex-talk is dirty. Then, they find out sex is fun, and they throw off everything their parents told them, because their parents taught them a taboo, instead of a holiness. Taboo is not holy.


The Jewish tradition of not uttering the name of God is the reason we teach our children not to talk about sex. Some things are too BEAUTIFUL to show everyone.

Modern liberation to the “revelation” that sex is good and therefore can be talked about is in reality the hour after death, when the corpse can be discussed with impunity because she doesn’t hear us anymore.

So much talk about sex in our age — which means we have lost it. A highly erotic culture is one which is desparately trying to hold on to a fleeting pleasure, just like a gluttonous person loses the ability to enjoy food.

It is nearly impossible to tell the truth about sex in this age. It literally is nearly extinct.

This means that not one in a million persons will understand the biblical vision of sex.

So, we teach our children to be modest in their speech. We don’t talk about sex in a casual way. People who talk about sex reveal the poverty of their experience.

We learn about sex from the bible’s doctrine of worship. There is no need to talk about sex in the bible, not because it is dirty, but because there is so much talk about it already.

And the experience of worship is ineffable. When the Glory becomes visible the biblical writers lose their ability to describe it.

So the damage of promiscuity on the soul precisely corresponds with the damage of idolatry on the spirit.

The truth is it is possible to have sex with only one other person in life. The second person is not able to be fully “known”.

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