The World Behind The Bush

In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  

But Adam created the world,  when he crept behind the bush to hide from God.  This was the first moment when a mortal chose a place where God is not, and created that place in the instant of so choosing it  — the diabolical inverse of creation ex nihilo.  

So the world is not that dimensoin of creation marked by sin, or even less is it the domain of the flesh.  Rather, it is first that place where God is absent because man does not choose Him.   We choose the world, and therefore create it.  The illusion, which grows over time like a weed, is that God is absent because He was never with us.

In the Genesis narrative it is important that God lets Adam be lost.   He does not see through the bush with His magical omniscience glasses, nor does He step over, look behind the bush, and say “there you are.”   No, He stands on His side of the bush.   He calls out to Adam and asks him where he is.   This is the first thing God did not know.   Adam knows where he is, and he must tell God, or God cannot know it.   And where we are in the world is the eternal thing that God does not know, unless we tell Him.      

Do we need to point out that the world is a very small place?   

Since Adam created the world, God cannot uncreate it without uncreating Adam, and God cannot uncreate what He once has created.

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